MultiTool Android (Pre Release 2.0.13h) March 2017

For use with pre 2015 Multistrada 1200

requires BT or WiFi ELM327 compatible (V1.4b) OBDII adapter
Wifi highly recommended due to multiple problems encountered
with Android OS support for BT vs cheap clone OBDII adapter BT support.

  • Service resets
  • ODO winding
  • Tuneboy Data logging

  • pre 2013 models only
  • limited support 2013-2014 (resets do not work!)
  • 2015 or later are NOT supported.

  • Read the PDF Manual
  • Link to WEB based help.
  • Members of the Multitool Google Group can download MultiTool from the Google Play store
  • (when requesting group membership, please state bike model and year !!! )

A 'Lite' Windows based version is available for Non-Tuneboy bikes. see MultiTool decaf
This is ideal for ODO winding ...